Retail Prices, as of June 1, 2023
Please confirm availability by e-mail before ordering.
Minimum retail order is $50.00. Please email a tentative order, along with your ship-to zip code, to Rob to get a shipping estimate.
To order, please mail a completed retail order form, along with check or money order. You can email the information, if you wish. (Details are on the order form.) If you have a Paypal account, and wish to send payment. Please email Rob first, to confirm total costs.
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- unavailable via mail order until fall 2023
Drosera intermedia (group/clump, at least 5 plants) $10.00 per group.
D. filiformis $6.00 each.
S.alata lrg.$14.00 each
Sarracenia flava lrg.-$18.00 ea, xlrg. $30.00 each.
S.flava var, cuprea 'Copper top' lrg., $26.00 each.
S. flava var. ornata lrg.- beautifully veined selections of Heavy-veined types-$30.00 (sorry, no images yet)
S. flava var. rubricorpora Botanique's Red Tube, green with red veined lid-gorgeous! lrg. $32.00 each
S.leucophylla lrg. $16.00 each, xlrg.$30.00 each.
S.leucophylla Titan™ lrg.-$20.00 each, xlrg. $30.00.
S. leucophylla Hot Pink lrg. $32.00 each.
S.psittacina medlrg. $16.00 each
S. purpurea Mid Atlantic (NJ) form. Deep Red veins on green background, lovely! med. $16.00 each
S.purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii (syn. S.rosea) lrg. $20.00 each.
S.rubra ssp. rubra lrg. $16.00 each.
S. rubra ssp. wherryi lrg. $16.00 each, xlrg. $20.00 each.
S.rubra ssp. gulfensis All Green, anthocyanin-free medlrg. $20.00 each.
S. 'Bubba'-robust, tall magenta w/ white dusting on the lid-lrg. out of stock
S. 'Bubba's Sister'-tall, slender, lots of deep maroon pitchers-lrg.$35.00 each, xlrg. $50.00 each.
S. flava 'Cinnamon Sticks-cuprea x rubricorpora cross with rusty brown pitchers, choice!-lrg.$32.00 each
S.flava x leucophylla lrg. sold out for now
S. flava x leucophylla Red Sumatra™-a dark red selection, nice! currently sold out.
S. flava x leucophylla Chartreuse- electric yellow green w/ purple throat splotch. lrg. $32.00 each
S.leucophylla x purpurea lrg.- temporarily sold out.
S. Penny Lawson- New Release! Gorgeous fall pitchers in deep maroon and white. Outstanding! sold out for now
S.rubra ssp. wherryi x leuc. "plum flower"- a rescue clone from Baldwin Co., AL- med. $16.00 each.
S. White Sparkler™- pretty pitchers & flowers; limited supply!, $24.00 each.

For new collectors and beginners looking for a good deal: The Sarracenia Special!
One Large sized plant of each (regular color forms):
S. alata, S. flava, S. leucophylla, S, purpurea, and a Threadleaf Sundew (D. filiformis) all for $50.00 + shipping.
Shipping charges depend on when and where the plants get shipped. Email Rob for the shipping cost. This makes a great gift for young naturalists. Growing information is included.

If you are looking for really large, specimen-size plants, please contact Rob (see above).

From other countries

Drosera binata multifida extrema-the "Staghorn leaf" sundew, robust plants in 2 1/2 inch pots, $12.00 each
Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor-full 4 inch pots-$35.00 each.
H. nutans-blooming sized tall pitchers in 4 inch quart pots-sold out for now
Nepenthes. alata (Philipines) dark red spotted well-filled 4 inch pots, $24.00 each.
N. burbidgeae (Borneo) from seed 3+ in. diameter, $35.00 each, 5+ inch diameter, $55.00.
N. edwardsiana (Borneo,Tambuyukon) seedlings! Auction, a link will appear here and in the news section.
N. eymae (Sulawesi) four inch pots, cuttings from a Botanique seedling "Triplett" clone, contact Rob for availability
N. khasiana (India) plants from cuttings, various clones, 4 inch pots, contact Rob for availability
N.stenophylla (Borneo)-from seed 3+inch diameter- temporarily sold out.
N. zakriana (fusca) (Borneo), misc Botanique clones, seedlings about 4 inch diam., $34.00.
N. sanguinea Chocolate color (Malaysia) 4 inch pots-we hope to have some late summer-fall 2023
N. ventricosa full 2 1/2 inch pots, $10.00 each

There is a waiting list for the following, email Rob if interested:
Nepenthes alata Red Spotted clones
N. eymae Triplett clone (Botanique-raised seedling)
N. khasiana several clones (Botanique-raised seedlings)
N. albomarginata Red Spotted (Botanique-raised seedling)
N. zakriana (formerly N. fusca) Triplett clone (Botanique-raised seedling)
The above are raised from cuttings and generally ship as good-sized, established plants in 4 inch square pots.

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