image of Nepenthes alata
Nepenthes alata, Red Spotted forms

Many attractive varieties with red spots exist. Most have slightly smaller pitchers than the paler types, producing quantities of 4-5 inch tall traps. The long vines can reach over eight feet long and lend themselves to pruning or training to shape or restrain growth. There is a giant selection, though we have not seen the full-sized pitchers yet.

Shown at the lower left, the larger pitchers on the pale, red blushed selection range from 4-7 inches tall. Our clone of this has a narrower waisted, elegant pitchers.

All of these Nepenthes alata are excellent plants for beginners to try out. Whether trained up a branch, dangling from hanging baskets or living in a terrarium, these are handsome and satisfying plants
Image of Nepenthes alata

Nepenthes alata, with larger pitchers

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