image of White Topped Pitcher Plant
Sarracenia leucophylla

The "White-topped Pitcher" is primarily native to Alabama and Florida. Most of the wild populations have been destroyed by human activity. Striking white, ruffled pitchers (shown to the left) have red to green venation and have earned them a place in the cut flower market. Wild plants or pitchers should not be collected.

Many color forms and varieties of this species are cultivated. It is a favorite of hobbyists and plant breeders, adding lovely traits to hybrids. Before insects start digesting in the pitchers, they often have a pleasant spicy fragrance. Once insects start getting trapped, sniffing gets dangerous! The flowers (shown lower left) come in shades of red, and rarely yellow-green.

For a deep southern plant, this species is surprisingly winter hardy, surviving below zero (Fahrenheit) with mulch or similar protection.
image of Sarracenia leucophylla flowers
The flowers of Sarracenia leucophylla

appear before the spring foliage (pitchers). There is seldom a noticeable fragrance to the blossoms, making them useful for indoor arrangements.

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