image of Sarracenia leucophylla Titan.
Sarracenia leucophylla Titan™

Developed by Botanique, Titan™ is one of the best cultivars for gardens and collections. Pitchers on well-cared for, mature plants can reach nearly four feet high! Pictured to the left are fall pitchers, which are the largest and get more red veining. The contrasting bone white zones make Titan a bold element in bog gardens. Plus, it's a vigorous plant, selected from thousands in a breeding program designed to get a stronger plant.

Though a true species, Titan is a cultivar which was bred with two, different S. leucophylla from different parts of the country. This avoided inbreeding and encouraged finding "hybrid vigour" in a straight species. Two plants were isolated and selected from this cross, Titan and a yet as unnamed cultivar that is tall and pink.

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