image of Sarracenia flava
Sarracenia flava, Typical form

Known as the "Yellow Pitcher", this species is found in the southeastern U.S.A. Pitchers are usually yellow green with some red veins (image above, left). The flowers are large and yellow, usually possessing an unpleasant odor (image below, left).

S. flava is one of the showiest species during spring–early summer. Pitchers and flowers form quickly once frost has passed. We have found the plants to be quite vigorous and fairly winter hardy. A wide range of shapes and color forms are found in nature. Hybrids are also common where other species coexist. Every year, Botanique evaluates and selects new color forms and hybrids made with S. flava, especially the deeply pigmented types.
image of pitcher plant flower
The flowers of Sarracenia flava,

(shown left) are beautiful and bold. They are about four inches across and high, riding on tall slender stems. Notice there are no pitchers yet; the blossoms almost always precede the pitchers. This makes the flowers more visible and avoids the dilemma of attracting a pollinator only to have it fall prey to the insectivorous leaves!

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