Seasonal News from Rob Sacilotto, last update: Feb. 4, 2017
Please note: We are no longer mailing retail orders unless they total over $50.00.

We're not expecting many updates to pricing in 2017. For now, please use the posted 2016 pricing for retail or wholesale orders. We'll be updating both lists before too long, but will honor any orders dated on/before price changes. Once we get a prolonged thaw, I'll uncover the plants to check inventories. After that, we can update availabilities or add new plants.

older news:
The Nepenthes edwardsiana auction has closed. We hope to have a small number of seedling raised "eddies" in 2017. I left the images of the auction plants up, for reference purposes.

Currently, we're not shipping unless special arrangements are made. Often, we can ship during a break in cold weather, especially if shipments are heading to a warmer destination. Soon, the out door plants will be covered up with protective film for the winter. They'll freeze solid, but very slowly. We've done this for decades with less than 0.01% losses from cold. Winters here usually get into the single digits (zone 6).

Orders can be sent in anytime, with the understanding that Dec.–Feb. are usually too cold to ship safely and we'll ship at a safer time.

Here's the "eddie" link:

There is no waiting list for Nepenthes edwardsiana.

If you are interested in a plant that is not listed on the price list, you may e-mail/write Rob to see if any are available. Here's the link for the retail order form. As always, our plants are guaranteed to arrive healthy and to your satisfaction. We only sell top quality plants that are 100% nursery propagated. A complete and total refund or replacement is given if you are not delighted with your order. Plants must be returned to get a refund/exchange.

Botanique does not ship outside the USA because we do not have the necessary licenses and permits.

Best Wishes to Everyone, Rob

for commercial sales, please contact Butch Bailey:
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for availability information, prices or to make an appointment, please contact Rob:
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Older information follows:

While we're trying to sell off most of our "extra" plants, Botanique is retaining (for now, at least) a huge stock collection with all the significant plants being held for a possible transfer, should a non-profit botanical garden get established near Charlottesville, Virginia. We hope to eventually have a large botanical garden which can serve as a domestic gene pool, housing populations of species in a protected environment where visitors can learn about and enjoy a most fascinating group of plants. Many of these plants are found only in the Botanique nursery and include some of the most beautiful Pitcher Plants in the world.

For over thirty years, many tens of thousands of Sarracenia were bred, evaluated and selected for various reasons. Many have fantastic pitchers in gold with red veins, black-red or bright chartreuse. Some are colorful giants. One has rose colored flowers in the shape of a heart, with a gold spot in the cleft. Another has a crackled-glass pattern with a lid shaped like a butterfly. A large number were selected for flower colors ranging from dark satin red to white. The number of different Nepenthes is also amazing. Combined with endangered species, plants from demolished sites and donations from around the world, there are all the makings of a world-class pitcher plant display. Of course, the proposed facility would be rich in orchids, tropicals, native and exotic wildflowers, etc.

If you want to know more about this project, please visit:

Check out this information page to see some of what we're doing and some research topics on the clip board. If you are considering becoming a future supporter and/or want to see the nursery in person, you can e-mail me (see above) and arrange a visit. We need grant writers, volunteers and funding to continue expanding research, preservation and educational activities.

Many brilliant people, familiar with our operation, have suggested that Botanique launch a non-profit organization. This, if successful, would prevent a major tragedy. There is no place on earth like this nursery; it is truly amazing. If you are interested, keep checking this web site. I will begin collecting potential donor information immediately. Persons potentially interested as donors should e-mail me at the above e-mail address. Please put the word "donor" in the subject line.

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