Image of "Copper Top"  Sarracenia flava
Sarracenia flava var. cuprea, "Copper Top" form (upper left) and var. rubricorpora, "Red Tube" form (lower left)

The late spring and younger pitchers of this variety display an attractive coppery lid, often with purplish veins. After transplanting, the copper color usually fades for up to one season, due to root disturbance. The color also fades normally during the summer, after pitchers age.

This is a tall and striking form, rapidly disappearing due to habitat destruction. We've had specimens exceed 42 inches in height. Botanique has created a large number of showy hybrids with "Copper Tops". Some of the crosses with S. leucophylla are particularly lovely.
image of Red Tube form of Sarracenia flava
Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora, the "Red Tube, Green with Red-Veined Lid form

This striking variety is primarily native to the Apalachicola Park region of Florida. Most plants are a bit shorter growing than other S. flava and the flowers often have a red blush to the sepals. Though the plants are less prone to losing color after transplanting, they are markedly slower growing than most S. flava types.

Hybrids of the "Red Tube" form can be quite dazzling and Botanique has many crosses with this and the above "Copper Top" form; we call these hybrids "Cinnamon Sticks", due to the deep reddish brown color. We've also made beautiful hybrids with the black-red S. alata and S. leucophylla.

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