image of Nepenthes edwardsiana mouth

For many years, N. edwardsiana remained the "Holy Grail" of collectors. A truly beautiful species.
Nepenthes edwardsiana

Large, ornate "teeth" on the peristome, and a long, waisted pitcher mark this species. Colors range from greenish to burnt orange and red. Frequently, new pitchers emerge stunningly marked with yellow, peach and pink-orange, maturing most commonly in orange-red. Pitchers can reach 18 inches in height. The leaves are a shiny, almost succulent deep green.

Unfortunately, "eddies" are amongst the slowest seedlings or tissue culture explants to grow. It may take five years or more for plants to reach a couple inches across. Once about an inch or two in diameter, growth can accelerate dramatically. Our plants have usually started vining growth once the diameter exceeded 6-8 inches. Until that stage, full rosettes formed close to the ground.

While the plants can tolerate temperatures beyond these suggestions, our plants thrive with day temperatures 70-90 degrees F with night temperatures 45-55 degrees F. Damage may result from long periods with night temperatures above 65-70 degrees F. Media should be mossy and well aerated with perlite or other porous additives. Plants often root vigorously into live sphagnum.

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The sex of these Tambuyukon seedlings is unknown, as is the mature color. Since these are larger seedlings, one can guess the pitchers will be deep reddish orange or red brown.

The plants below have been sold and the auction is now closed. We'll keep the pictures up, for now. At some point, we should have some other plants, in very limited supply, for sale. These are not tissue-cultured and take years to size-up, using conventional planting techniques. Unlike tissue culture plants, symbionts and adaptation to the non-sterile world have influenced the seedlings, making them sturdier after many years of growing in the "real world". We were extremely lucky to receive some donated seed, years ago, which allowed research and publication of an article

explaining the seed growing protocol we found most useful.
Seedling #1
is approximately 9 inches in diameter, with pitchers 4 inches tall. It's in a 4 inch, square pot.
Current bid/price for #1 is SOLD

Nepenthes edwardsiana seedling number one.
Seedling #2
is approximately 7 inches in diameter, with pitchers about 4 inches tall. It's in a 4 inch, 1.5 quart pot.
Current bid/price is SOLD

Image of Nepenthes edwardsiana seedling number two.