Sabatia kennedyana. We are unaware of any other name for this lovely wildflower. Although the original crown may die after blooming, often, they live for years. Offsets usually appear and seedlings can be produced in abundance. Give this species full sun to 50% dappled shade. It thrives in the usual bog garden in a mix of 1/3 sand plus 2/3 peat moss. Keep the area around the plants weed free and avoid mulch during the growing season, so that seedlings can germinate. Keep plants wet to moist, but provide drainage. Flooded situations usually cause rot. Watch seed pods carefully if you want to collect/plant seed; the pod splits open and the dust-like seed quickly escapes the pod. Sow seed on the surface and a cold stratification (winter) is needed before the seed sprouts.
Divisions and transplanting is best in cooler spring or fall weather, but we have moved the plants in the summer as well. Fertilizer isn’t needed, but plants may benefit from Miracid™ liquid at 1/3 strength. The foliage is normally yellow-green.

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