Kaempferia roscoeana, Peacock Plant, Peacock Ginger.

A warm growing ginger relative from Burma, the Peacock plant produces many beautifully marked leaves and lavender flowers. Plant this species in a well drained potting mix. A six to eight inch pot is usually sufficient to get a good display. Allow the plant to approach dryness, letting the soil get a little on the dry side before watering thoroughly again. Fertilize monthly, during the growing season, with any plant food, such as Miracle Gro, or Peter's House plant formulas. Provide bright shade or dappled light, avoid direct sun for long periods. This is a tropical, suitable as a house plant, warm season container(shaded outdoors) or greenhouse subject.

In the late fall to late winter, this species usually goes dormant and the leaves will wilt down, with no new growth evident. When this happens, stop regular watering and move to a darker spot. Water only a little, when the soil is fully dry. Dormancy usually lasts 2-3 months and the plant needs very little water during this "sleep". This is a good time to divide and/or repot the plants. The fleshy roots can be separated and potted in small clusters of root sections which easily separate.With the arrival of warmer weather, resume watering and watch for new growth.

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