Hibiscus coccineus, The Great Red Hibiscus is a tropical-looking plant which is winter hardy to zones 6-7, possibly colder with thick winter mulch. Full to half sun is preferred in many types of soil that hold moisture and drains. Water when dry or wilted.The plants can reach seven feet tall and as broad. Monthly fertilizing with any liquid or slow release granular is helpful, but less beneficial once the plant is large and established. Large red flowers appear on older plants as the weather gets hot. With the coming of fall, the plants die back to the ground, leaving dead canes which can be cut away to ground level. In colder areas the plants can be mulched over at this time. The root stock is often slow to send up spring growth so be patient. It’s probably wise to clearly label your plant as we have had a few people mistake the young plant for hemp, marijuana, (Cannabis). Once the plant is in flower, there’s no mistaking it! The combination of cut foliage tinged with red and the spectacular flowers make this a favorite of native plant growers. Hibiscus coccineus is native to the south east U.S. and has been used in creating several garden hybrids.

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