Here's a troubleshooting guide to some of the problems which can appear in plants, especially bog dwellers.
About the only plants that are immune to any kind of disease are plastic or silk. Fortunately, most plant problems have relatively simple remedies. Sometimes the problems arise from cultural or environmental stresses; other problems are the result of insects, mammals, or the vast microbial world that surrounds us all. Please keep in mind that the information here is meant only as a guide and that Botanique can not be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from this guide. It is your responsibility to use correction/control measures legally and responsibly. Since most of our plants are unusual, they are rarely listed on any pesticide label. Therefore, any pesticide suggestions are presented only for experimental/scientific purposes. It is against the law to use pesticides against the specific product's label. Read the product's label and follow the instructions. Pesticide information changes and this page may not contain current information. Many states have Extension agents which can help you solve problems. Disease control measures mentioned here are the results of experiments conducted here at our nursery. Since most problems have several causes and/or solutions, you may need to investigate further. To make this section easier to use, the below links will take you to pages (files) that deal with that subject. These links are based on visual clues, which is the starting point for most people.
Please note this new section is under development.
Leaf/pitcher problems- Abnormal growth, Pests.
Root/Rhizome/Bulb problems- Rots, Pests.
Animal problems- Voles
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