Drosera adelae - This tropical sundew is native to the North Queensland area in NE Australia. It grows in damp, boggy sites with dappled or filtered light. The plants can get quite large, over a foot in diameter with leaves over eight inches long being possible. Drosera adelae is a cool tropical, thriving at temperatures between 50-80°F.Optimum temperatures are from 55-65°F. Do not let it freeze or get exposed to very hot sunny conditions. Often, a damaged plant will regrow from the roots which also form plants as the original plant ages. Give this species filtered sun. About 60% shade is good during hot summer months. During the winter and cooler seasons, the sun can be increased so the shade is only 10-30%, in other words 90-70% sun during cool weather. We use fluorescent lights to grow the best plants. A standard shop light equipped with two four-foot bulbs works well. We use one Gro-Lux bulb with one cool white, placed about four to six inches above the plants. This species does very well in terrariums and needs high humidity, which a terrarium can provide.

Though the plants can be grown in several porous, acidic and well drained soils, we recommend live or dead sphagnum mixed with about 30% rinsed perlite to help keep the media loose. Do not fertilize. Feeding occasional small insects is probably helpful but not necessary. If using live sphagnum, be sure to trim the moss away from the plant so it doesn't get covered by the moss. A six to eight inch pot is a good size to use. Shallow types such as bulb pans are best. If a saucer is used under the pot, dump out the water regularly and rinse the saucer to prevent salt build up. Do not keep the pot in a saucer filled with water as this may encourage rot. Keep moist but not flooded.

Small brownish-red flowers are occasionally produced and can be trimmed off for better plant growth. As the plant matures it may be necessary to separate offsets to reduce crowding. If your plants are pale green, give more light; healthy plants should have some red on the tentacles.

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